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User agent parser online dating

Perhaps if you use this function a few times then no problem, but NOT if you use at any page request, or once per session.

I only detect the platform, the engine and the version, that cover a lot of possible browsers and let me code based on that, for example, the engine gecko, covers firefox, seamonkey and all the gecko based is a example piece of code taken from my own, is maybe incomplete but as example is good, to detect the engines.

This code is for placing a box in the corner of IE user's page warning of the disregard the web-designer has for the website's appearance in IE. Style and position the box how you want using the iebox css class.

Make sure to leave the browscap setting empty if you don’t use get_browser() – maybe you only call it only from PHP Web pages, but not from PHP CLI code.

I’d recommend comparing your processes’ memory consumption with and without php_being loaded.

Loading and processing this file will likely impact scriptperformance.

Although it surely provides excellent detection results, in mostcases a much simpler method can be just as effective.

So I took bits and pieces from the various examples and combined them and added a check for version.

This function also resolves the trouble with Edge (that contains in the user agent the string "Safari" and "Chrome"), with Chrome (contains the string "Safari") and IE11 (that do not contains 'MSIE' like all other IE versions).

The only way to test if cookies are accepted is to set one with To my surprise I found that none of the get_browser alternatives output the correct name / version combination that I was looking for using Opera or Chrome.

They either give the wrong name eg Safari when in fact it should be Chrome and if the ua string includes a version number as with the latest versions of Chrome and Opera the wrong number is reported.

It should be fairly performant as well, since it doesn'tdo any iteratoin or recursion. IE and Konqueror and several others call themselves "Mozilla", but they always qualify it with the word "compatible." $isns = stristr($HTTP_USER_AGENT, "Mozilla") && (!