Start Philippines girls are waiting for man without registration

Philippines girls are waiting for man without registration

You may also personally claim your license plates from the LTO regional office if you wish.” What are your thoughts on this?

You could be forgiven for thinking that this is an early April Fools Day joke, but the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) isn’t kidding: Starting April 1, the agency will strictly implement the “no registration, no travel” policy. 2014-01 and other applicable rules and regulations.

All motor vehicles must now show valid license plates or risk being apprehended. AVT-2015-1927 issued by the LTO on March 20, and pictured below, is pretty clear in its wording: Starting 01 April 2015, no four (4)-wheeled motor vehicle can be used, driven or operated on the roads without being duly registered with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) pursuant to R. DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya is quoted as commenting: “It has always been prohibited by law to use motor vehicles which have not been registered with the LTO.

The only exception is the first seven days, during which registration should be processed by the vehicle owner.

We held back from implementing this rule before, because the lack of license plates was our responsibility.

For motor vehicles that are within the 7-day registration process, the driver must present the Certificate of Stock Reported (CSR), Sales Invoice dated within seven days prior to the apprehension, and a Certificate of Insurance Cover dated on or after the date of Sales Invoice.

If such documents are presented, no penalties will be meted out.

But now that we have been able to issue new license plates within seven days from start of registration, we have no more reason not to implement the law.” Under the No Registration-No Travel policy, any four- wheeled motor vehicle running without a license plate may be apprehended by traffic enforcers because all motor vehicles are required to have valid license plates.

The plates can either be the nine older green-and-white license plates or the new black-and-white ones, as long as they are valid.

For the Filipino applicant the following shall be needed for purposes of the marriage license application: 1. If widow or widower Death Certificate of late spouse (certified true copy). The marriage license, once issued, is valid in any part of the Philippines for 120 days.

If it has not been used during this 120-day period it will then automatically expire.

AVT-2014-24 in February 2014 has eliminated unnecessary delays and cut processing time down to seven days, from the previous three to four weeks.