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Amtrak would abandon numerous large stations whose upkeep could no longer be justified.

The Nixon administration and many Washington insiders viewed the NRPC as a politically expedient way for the President and Congress to give passenger trains a "last hurrah" as demanded by the public.

They expected Amtrak to quietly disappear as public interest waned.

A large part of the legislation was directed to the creation of Conrail, but the law also enabled the transfer of the portions of the NEC not already owned by state authorities to Amtrak.

Amtrak acquired the majority of the NEC on April 1, 1976.

After Fortune magazine exposed the manufactured mismanagement in 1974, Louis W.

Menk, chairman of the Burlington Northern Railroad, remarked that the story was undermining the scheme to dismantle Amtrak.

On the day it started, Amtrak was given the responsibility of rerouting passenger trains from the seven train terminals in Chicago (La Salle, Dearborn, Grand Central, Randolph, Chicago Northwestern Terminal, Central, and Union) into just one, Union Station.