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And that warrants at least the discussion and the exploration of it. I think it’s almost two and a half years from the very beginning when I sat with Liane all the way through to now. It sounds like a long time but that’s actually very, very quick, and then to have had the cast that we had and all of the production team and the director and everyone, pretty much everyone got nominations all around, so that is also very, very rare. You received your second Emmy nomination for your performance in the show. CB: Of all the nominations for the show, it had to be particularly sweet to see Alexander Skarsgård since you had so many scenes with him.

But to be asked by Garth to come back to play Sue because Sue wanted me to play her, that all felt like kismet.

We didn’t know, we’re down in Tasmania shooting and just going, “Gosh, I hope this somehow all pieces together.” So for it then to go all that way, all that distance and to be nominated as an Australian actor in that huge world landscape of the Academy Awards, that’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing.

For he and I both, we both wanted the relationship to be complicated.

As dark and as toxic as it is, it’s also gotta have this attraction and love and emotion and the depth of that has to be there so when they sit on the couch together doing therapy or when they’re …

She celebrated another Academy Award nom in February for “Lion.” She starred in Sofia Coppola’s “The Beguiled” this summer and has “Killing of a Sacred Deer” from Yorgos Lanthimos in theaters later in 2017.

She also has another TV project — “Top of the Lake: China Doll” from Jane Campion and starring Elisabeth Moss — on Sundance this month.

anywhere they interact you feel their pull, the push-pull. RL: And that push-pull was so evident throughout the whole series. There was a lot of gray between what the two characters were dealing with. But at the same time, to have a story like this with Laura [Dern] and Shai[lene Woodley] and Zoë [Kravitz] and Reese, the five of us having really, really strong roles, that just doesn’t happen.

Especially with a lot of the scenes where your character’s being abused physically and emotionally, what would you say would be the most difficult scene to shoot amongst all of those obviously very challenging scenes to do? NK: It’s amazing that’s how prolific he is and that’s how talented he is and to still be passionately writing like he is, that just shows you how he was born to do it. We’re very, very fortunate to have been recognized but also to have had HBO get behind us and say, “We believe in you and we’re gonna support it and we’re gonna really get it out there and promote it” and then the re-viewers that got behind us and helped us, and journalists that got behind and helped us so that it could reach the audience that we hoped it would, it actually went far beyond what we thought. And we’ll see, we’ll look at trying to get together to do a Season 2 and people have said, “Is that gonna happen? But to explore these women beyond just this part of their life, that’s interesting.

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Nicole Kidman hopes to match her Oscar with an Emmy (or two) at this month’s awards ceremony.

CB: One last question, I know you’ve got other commitments. (Laughs.) CB: Is this the biggest year of your career, because not only “Lion” and the Oscar nomination and all of that, “Big Little Lies,” “The Beguiled,” “Killing of a Scared Deer” and “Top of the Lake,” is this your biggest year ever? I don’t know, gosh, I would say it’s an incredibly golden year.