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Eleftheriou online dating

I love reading business success stories, especially when they are about ordinary people who achieve extraordinary internet business success.

Markus earns $10 million a year with an online dating site.

In January, he released a free version of the game with fewer features, hoping to spark sales of the paid version.

It worked: i Shoot Lite has been downloaded more than 2 million times, and many people have upgraded to the paid version, which now costs $2.99.

He says the commissions he generated encouraged him to build more affiliate sites in other industries.

Within two months Jeremy was making more money from his affiliate sites than he did at his day job.

Jeremy's stats for 2006 make interesting reading: Revenue: $1.4 million PPC Spend: $560,000 Gross Profit: $837,465 Not bad for a one-man band business! 17 Year Old Girl Rejects $1.5 Million Car Offer Ashley Qualls, a mere 17 years old, dropped out of high school, bought a house for $250,000, helped launch artists such as Lily Allen, and rejected offers to buy her young company, including one for $1.5 million and a car (valued up to $100,000)! According to Nielsen/Net Ratings, Jacquie had 22.7 million visitors in December, more than double that of its closest rival, American

Source: Should you trust the million-dollar affiliate? Ashley's web site,, which offers My Space page layouts for free has raked in more than $1 million in Google Ad Sense advertising revenue. According to Google Analytics, Whateverlife attracts more than 7 million individuals and 60 million page views a month. The web site has 531,227 members, each paying a £4.50 ($6.80) annual subscription fee, generating nearly £2.4 million ($3.6 million).

Both Ethan and Kostas were inspired by Steve Demeter, who made $250,000 in two months with a game called Trism, which involves aligning rows of brightly colored triangles.