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Dating in kidderminster

The carriages have now both been meticulously restored by volunteers.

Lionel Stretton then presented a well written set of rules which was adopted after discussion.

A programme was proposed for regular meetings commencing with an initial Conversatzione to be addressed by Mr O Pemberton, to which local dignitaries were to be invited.21.

Samuel was the chairman at the consequent meeting at which his son (John) Lionel proposed a motion That it is desirable to form a medical society for Kidderminster and District.

Mr Walter Moore of Stourport seconded the motion which appears to have been carried nem con by the 13 doctors present.

Graffiti vandals have trashed two carriages of the historic Flying Scotsman train on the Severn Valley Railway in Worcestershire.

They struck over the festive period daubing a crude 'Banksy' on one carriage and spraying another with garish green and pink graffiti.

These existed to provide basic medical care for poor families.

They paid practitioners a sum per annum but this was often considered too small.

Horses would have dominated traffic and stabling was widely available behind buildings on the streets.

There was much poor housing in courts with small buildings packed together.

The historic railway runs between Kidderminster in Worcestershire and Bridgnorth in Shropshire - a distance of approximately sixteen miles.

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