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Translated more freely this becomes, "House with the Shining Apex" or "House of Re's Mound." In Babylon, the son of Enki (Ptah) was called Marduk (Re), a name that also seems to be related to that of Eridu.

A Single Mother and Two Families We can at least say that it was in the city of Eridu that the mortal Atrahasis (Biblical Noah) served his god Enki and interceded on behalf of a suffering mankind.

Enki not only rescued Atrahasis and his family, but he had also earlier been the "father" and "creator" of his race. " Nintu/Ninti was the first goddess, and later became the "helpmeet" of the gods in creating mankind.

It is called "Enki and Ninhursag: A Paradise Myth." In that tale, Enki and Ninhursag have a daughter named Nin-mu.

Nin-mu is not conceived by any artificial method, but by good old-fashioned lovemaking. Enki goes on to sire a granddaughter named Nin-kurra through this daughter.

However, she would have maintained her beauty and fertility many times longer than normal women.

In the Old Babylonian birthing incantation, "Creation of Man by the Mother Goddess," we learn that Ninhursag created man by "mixing god and man in the clay." Taken alone, this phrase could be interpreted as some kind of clinical merging of two different hominoid races or species.

Anu did not himself build a city, however a temple was built him on "earth," and was called the E-Anna ("House of Anu").