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Moreover, it says that the number of Basque speaking people under 25 is expected to increase from 73.2% to 83.4%, whereas it will be 59.5% for the 25-49 age group.

Thus, in 20 years Basque will be the first language for three out of ten Basque citizens – nowadays it is 23.5%- especially for the youngest, since nearly half the Basques under 24 will have Basque as their first language, which represents a growth of 16.7 percentage points.

He records the name of the Basque language as enusquera. In the 19th century, the Basque nationalist activist Sabino Arana posited an original root euzko which, he thought, came from eguzkiko ("of the sun", related to the assumption of an original solar religion).

They are very durable people with large personalities, who like to sing, with magnificent voices in all male choirs and play and support Rugby (just like Wales) with 2 teams in the first division.

California Basques date back to the arrival of the very first Europeans.

In 1776 Juan Bautista de Anza chose the site for the area that would become San Francisco.

Euskal-herri or the Pays Basque was at one time the Kingdom of Navarre, with Pamplona as its Capital (now a Spanish city).